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We are looking for investment partners to fund our own projects!

Vojo Ventures develops innovative hotel and resort concepts, for which we raise capital to roll out. You could call us an alternative hotel investment fund which is open to all sorts of investors looking to participate in commercial hospitality real estate.

We focus on financing only our own projects, consisiting of original independent boutique hotels and innovative lodging concepts, which have a clear competitive advantage in their local market. And working with our partner Xotels, an expert hotel management company, to run our portfolio, we generate very healthy ROI’s for our investment partners.

If you are interested to invest in hotels or resorts, the internationally experience finance and hospitality consultants at Vojo Investment company, can advise you on opportunities that will bring you above market returns.

We work with private equity firms, family offices and institutional investors. But also private investors finance and fund our high yield hotel projects.

We have an entrepreneurial spirit with business development DNA, and are driven to built unique hospitality product.

VOJO, for a new breed of commercial real estate investors ...

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Hot Investment Opportunity!

Current Opportunities

Green Eco-Resorts

On remote islands of eastern Indonesia, in the coral triangle region, we are developing a modern ecological resort concept.

  • Great investment opportunity
  • Various investment options
  • Above market ROI

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