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Why Investment in Sustainable Hotels is the Future

 Two hotel guest on the bed covered with plants at LBG Hotels

Sustainability is the future of the hospitality industry. It has grown to be a topic of massive interest to both hoteliers and investors. Its positive outcome is immeasurable no matter the scale of the hotel or resort. We have put together a list of reasons why hotel investment in sustainable real estate and eco-friendly hotels is essential. Find out why you should work on reducing your ecological and environmental footprint with your next hotel concept project.

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Hotel Crowdfunding Growing in Popularity

Double Bedroom of Hotel Mabi in Maastricht

Over the last decade we have seen the rise of the sharing economy. And it is clear that companies like Uber, AirBnB and Lyft are here to stay. These new platforms have changed the way industries and economics work. A growing trend is that of real estate crowdfunding, and in the last few years hotel crowdfunding has also become more popular.

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Market Research & Feasibility Study for a Hotel or Resort

View of the pool and the deck chairs at the Makuti Villas Resort

At Vojo Ventures we know how indispensable a feasibility study is for a hotel, a hostel, resort or a B&B. As experts in hotel assets management and having opened various hotels and resorts we have noticed that many hoteliers make decisions based on assumptions when it comes to their new hotel concept, without conducting any notable research on building a hotel business that will be consistently profitable and competitive. 

We want to share our advice and help at this moment when you are writing your ideas down on paper and benchmark them against the market to determine the chance of success of your hotel, hostel, resort or B&B.

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Who Do You Trust with your Hotel Investment?

Views of the sea from the hotel rooms at Pietermaai Boutique Hotel

Investing in hotel real-estate requires a lot of funds. We are talking about tens or hundreds of millions of dollars/euros. You need to ensure a proper ROI is generated with such a strategic investment. Moreover hotels are a multi-million dollar operation. In any other industry we would be looking for a well experienced CEO to manage such a company. Who would you trust to manage your hotel investment?

Surprisingly enough we see many hotels being managed by former F&B or Front Desk managers with little true experience in finance or business strategies. The hospitality industry is known for its policy to promote from within. Putting an un-experienced or not sufficiently skilled manager in charge of your hotel operation without the proper support team, means you are taking a risk with the results of your investment.

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