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Popular Hotel Valuation Models & Appraisals for Owners

Popular Hotel Valuation Models and Appraisals for Owners - Vojo Ventures

Do you like making decisions with sound info? Of course! So do hotel buyers, lenders, owners and sellers. Making informed decisions about potential or operational hotel investments means using accurate hotel valuation methods. Numerous methods exist, each with good and bad points. It’s the classic hotel real estate issue… how do you determine a hotel’s value without selling it? Here’s the guide to hotel valuation methods.

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Why Invest in Hotel or Resort Assets?

Why Invest in Hotel or Resort Assets?

The real concept of the hotel has existed for hundreds of years. Since the days of stage coaches, overland exploration and urban growth, entrepreneurs around the world have dived into hotel ownership. They sensed the potential, economic opportunity, purpose, growing markets and prestige. In the modern hospitality industry, not too much has changed. So what are the reasons for hotel investment?

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Why Investment in Sustainable Hotels is the Future

 Two hotel guest on the bed covered with plants at LBG Hotels

Sustainability is the future of the hospitality industry. It has grown to be a topic of massive interest to both hoteliers and investors. Its positive outcome is immeasurable no matter the scale of the hotel or resort. We have put together a list of reasons why hotel investment in sustainable real estate and eco-friendly hotels is essential. Find out why you should work on reducing your ecological and environmental footprint with your next hotel concept project.

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