Property Investment Costa Del Sol

Looking to invest in commercial real estate in Spain?


Vojo Ventures offers practical and smart investment solutions perfect for investment funds, family offices, and private investors to enter the apartment and vacation rental market.

With our market experience in Spain and hands-on approach, we can help you generate a healthy return on your investment.

Current Investment Opportunities in Spain


We have developed unique contemporary apartments that meet the needs of modern leisure travellers and global digital nomads needing a place to live and work remotely.

The concept is a mix between a time-share condominium building, a residential co-living complex and tourist vacation rental apartments.

We have identified various sites in the Costa del Sol in Andalucia, Spain, including Fuengirola, Benalmadena, Torremolinas, Marbella and Malaga.

We are now looking for an investment partner for 1 or multiple projects, for the acquisition of the assets, and starting refurbishments. Individual units will subsequently be offered in a sale-lease-back investment structure to private investors.

Direct ownership of assets is also an option. Other structures can also be contemplated.

Financial Details:

+ Investments starting from €500,000

+ Target Investor Return: 15% IRR

+ Investment Term: 24-36 Months

How it Works


The project is built around the sale of residential units at competitive market prices, in which investors can participate to generate a reliable above average return by leasing their unit back for a predetermined fixed lease value which is dynamically calculated based on the amount (and seasonality) of any required personal usage.

To guarantee the quality and reliability of returns, the project is fully managed by our XOTELS in-house hospitality and revenue management company who are fully dedicated to delivering a solid ROI for our clients.

By adopting this approach we mitigate many of the risks typically associated with real estate development. The innovative concept is positioned to generate ongoing operational revenue and compete for market share with both the traditional hotel and growing private residential rental sectors.

So initial investment partners will gain a swift return on investment through means of our hotel room investment program and crowdfunding efforts, working similarly to a time-share sale-rental investment construction.

Bringing Value to the Market


By investing in this project you will get access to a premium product and service built to solving issues seen across the apartment rental space namely:

+ Unique offerings tackling the oversupply of conventional offerings and lack of unique projects

+ Fully in control of management and operations to generate higher returns and oversight

+ Lack of consistency and brand standards

+ Products and services ready for the needs of tomorrow´s traveller and beyond


Benefits for You



Low entry point available for any investor at competitive price points.


Solid Returns

High and reliable returns on your investment.

Hands-off Investment

Invest and sit back to see the returns come in.


Low risk

Risk reduced by our expert management, experience and background.

Location Opportunities


We currently offer opportunities to invest in commercial real estate across the following locations:


  • Costa del Sol
    • Benalmádena
    • Fuengirola
    • Málaga
    • Marbella

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