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Vojo Ventures is an international Hospitality Investment Management Company which investment opportunities for private and small investors. With our proven track record we turn around independent hotels into high yield investment opportunities via hotel crowdfunding.

The hospitality industry in not always easy accessible for private investors that want to invest with a smaller risk exposure. Vojo by tying into the sharing economy principle of crowdfunding is changing the playing field. We open up this market of traditional private equity funding and real estate financing to any investor, starting with an minimum investment of €50.000.

If you want to invest in the hotel industry this is a unique opportunity, with a partner that has over 12 year management experience in the hospitality industry.

VOJO, for a new breed of hotel investors …

vojo ventures crowdfunding hotel investment opportunity

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Benefits for You



Low entry point available for any investor at competitive price points.


Solid Returns

High and reliable returns on your investment.

Hands-off Investment

Invest and sit back to see the returns come in.


Low risk

Risk reduced by our expert management, experience and background.

Why Invest with Us

Backed by years of experience and highly successful developments

Well connected and trusted industry leader

Proven methodologies and best practices

Unlock Your Investment Potential